Friday, March 23, 2012

Ink and Paint Shirt Design

As an art student, you're required to do exercises that help you develop skills for concepting and critical thinking. These exercises can easily become tedious, time-consuming, and sleep inducing. It's exercises like these where I find it necessary to give them more of a purpose. So when we had to do symbol concepting in my design and color class, I took the opportunity to spin the concepts into a Mouseology shirt design!

The exercise was to sketch 100 concepts of potential symbols that reflected your personality. Most of mine were Disney-themed (surprise), including this one, which I thought had the most potential. It features Mickey's hand (I'm a Disney nut) in a thumbs up pose (symbolizing how I'm optimistic), holding a paintbrush (I like to paint). Instead of simply turning in the concept sketches, I wanted to take it further and actually develop it in Illustrator, completely in vector form. Applying it onto a shirt gave it even more dimension. Seeing the finished product, it reminded me of something the Ink and Paint Department would wear, given how it's very "Disney" yet very artsy.

Although this design doesn't pertain directly to Walt Disney World, I promise the next one will! That does it for this weeks shirt design. Stop by next Friday for a new one!