Friday, March 30, 2012

Epcot Badge Shirt Design

This week's design is second in the series of shirt designs based off the 40th anniversary merchandise. Moving on from the Magic Kingdom shirt design, let's jump to the next park that was built, Epcot! Epcot has always had a special place in my heart. Nothing beats a day walking through the pavillions of world showcase or enjoying one of the seasonal festivals. There's plenty of space, a world of different cultures and flavors, super fun attractions (Soarin', Spaceship Earth), and - of course - Club Cool!

This badge design was placed on all sorts of merchandise for the 40th anniversary celebration last October, but I thought it needed special attention. I thought it looked drowned out by all the other retro logos, posters, and designs surrounding it. I found it really appealing; I loved how the Spaceship Earth sphere is depicted with World Showcase behind it. It gives that dynamic retro feel that I love! I made the design vector-based and added distressing.

Thanks for stopping by this week! There's more in the works for weeks to come. :)