Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Little Orange Nerd" Shirt Design

This next design is based on the Little Orange Bird - Walt Disney World's original mascot. Back in the 70s, Little Orange Bird could be found on signs and brochures, and even on some merchandise. This year, for Walt Disney World's 40th anniversary, this lost character was brought back to be featured on shirts and pins among other mediums. Lou Mongello (from WDW Radio) coined the term "Little Orange Nerd" describing those of us who love The Little Orange bird and the era he came from. I thought it'd be fun to create a shirt design for those "Little Orange Nerds" out there:

I re-designed the character to vector form and added gradients, highlights, and shadows to make it more dimensional. Then I worked on hand-rendering the title in the like of the font found on retro Little Orange Bird books. Finally, adding some glasses for a little fun.

I'm working on a few more shirt designs for the future, including one without any Disney copyrighted material, so it has the potential to be sold if there's enough interest. But for now, that's all! Stop by again soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcoming Monorail Peach

This past week, the newest addition to the Walt Disney World monorail system debuted, Monorail Peach! Monorail Peach once again completes the fleet with a total number of 12 running monorails, and can be seen running on the express beam. To celebrate the introduction of the new monorail (and to complete an assignment for my graphics studio class), I decided to create a poster:

This poster is based on the classic monorail posters made for the Disneyland and Walt Disney World monorails. I loved how retro and stylized the posters were, so I thought there should be a similar one for the newest monorail of the fleet. Welcome to the fleet, Monorail Peach!
That's all for now...but keep checking back for more designs that are currently in the works. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy 40th Anniversary, Walt Disney World

Welcome to Mouseology's very FIRST design post! And it's only fitting the inaugural post should celebrate something momentous.

Today marks the 40th Anniversary of the day the Magic Kingdom park opened its doors to vacationers around the world. Since then, Walt Disney World has provided 40 years of happiness to kids and adults alike, and has defined what family vacationing is all about.

This year to celebrate Walt Disney World's 40th, I decided to create a commemorative poster. There are 300 different vintage photos in the design, found from Yesterland, Gorillas Don't Blog, and Imagineering Disney. I also threw in a few of my own to give it a personal touch:

I tried to make it as simple yet dramatic as I could. I would love to actually have this printed out and hung in my apartment someday. That's all for now, folks. Check back often for more designs.

Happy 40th, WDW!