Friday, March 16, 2012

Epcot Button Shirt Design

Hi everyone! This week's shirt design (yes, I'm going to try to post a new design every Friday) draws inspiration from an old Walt Disney World button:

This button is third in the series of pins passed out to cast members and Imagineers during the construction of EPCOT. The first was a purple button with the words: "We Can Do It!", the second was red with the text: "We Are Doing It!", and the third was worn on EPCOT's opening day, proudly exclaiming: "We Did It!".  I own the third one (a lucky find at an antique shop) and love great Disney history it stands for. These buttons were to excite and motivate the imagineers as they built one of the most revolutionary theme parks in history.

I wanted to re-create the design and apply it to a shirt. How cool would it be to see merchandise that was reminiscent of EPCOT's opening day? The design is completely vector-based and features the retro logos of both Walt Disney World and EPCOT. I added some distressing to finish it off; after all, the button's from 1982! In the end I like how it turned out!

That's it for this week. Stop by next Friday for an all-new shirt design, along with other creations that might be posted in the future!