Thursday, March 8, 2012

Character Silhouette Shirt Design

This following shirt design was created last year for me to wear during my upcoming Walt Disney World trip. I wanted to make something that would unique to me and be fun to have the characters autograph!

I found pictures of all of my favorite characters from the classic films and traced their silhouette with the pen tool in Illustrator (it takes a lot longer than it sounds). Then I treated the silhouettes like puzzle pieces - arranging them and playing with their size to form the shape of Mickey's head. Finally, I cut the vector paths using a vinyl cutter at my school and applied the vinyl onto a shirt. Taking the shirt around the parks was definitely one of the highlights of that trip; watching all the characters react to the design and getting great responses from all the cast members was a blast!

It was a fun design to make and actually apply it onto a shirt! Can you name all the characters?